Inspired by Ravel’s suite “Miroirs”, reality and mirage intersect – through the digital art, space, light, and music reflects on the dancers’ bodies.

Original story, direction and piano by Mana FUKUI, who recently returned to Japan after 20 years of performing in Europe. The dancer is Motoko HIRAYAMA, an award-winning choreographer/director who has choreographed and directed many works for the New National Theatre and other venues. The dancer and actor Kazuma Glen is an award-winning dancer who has studied as a dancer in Japan and abroad and has won many awards on the street and in the academic scene. The visual programming will be done by the award-winning artist Kanda RYU (Kezzardrix), who has worked on live visuals and music videos for various artists in Japan and abroad, and has won awards at Ars Electronica.

Based on the contradiction between the “self” as seen in the mirror and the “gaze” of others, he explores the harmony between the “world/totality” and the individual, and the relationship between the two. It asks endless questions about involvement.



Mirror in the Mirror / Spiegel im Spiegel


Saturday, December 5
15:00 Doors open (Japan Time)
15:30 Curtain raising


Chino Civic Center Multi Hall (1-1-1 Tsukahara, Chino City, Nagano Prefecture)

Venue ticket

Advance purchase: 3,000 yen
At the door: 3,500 yen

*Limited number of seats.
*Pre-school children are not allowed.
*High school students and younger are required to bring their student ID card, which will be checked at the door.
*The disabled must have a disability certificate.
*High school students and younger are required to bring their student ID card, which will be checked at the door.

Live Streaming Ticket (for 3 days from the performance)
2,000 yen (Around 16 Euros / Around 19 Dollars)

Chino Cultural Center Tel: 0266-82-8222
Objet a Institute Tel: 0551-45-9474
PIA corporation (P-code163344) Tel: 0570-02-9999

Creative staffs

Written and directed by Mana FUKUI and Wataru IWATA

Director/Choreographer Motoko HIRAYAMA, Kazuma GLEN

Visual Programming Ryo KANDA (Kezzardrix)

Stage Visual Direction Ryo OHKAWARA

Costume by Takayuki SUZUKI

Supervision/Artistic Director, Wataru IWATA

Design, Kanae MATSUI

WEB Design, Akira SAITO (n-dim)

Live streaming and filming by Media Stream Inc.

Planning and production Objet-a Institute / Takahashi Foundation

Hosted by “Mirror in the Mirror” Production Committee

Co-hosted by Community Culture Creation Co., Ltd. , Chino Cultural Complex Designated Administrator

Cooperated by MuseuM Concert Series Executive Committee / Idea Note

In cooperation with LEITHREE

Sponsored by Konel, HERE, M8 International, etc.

Supported by Chino city / Chino city Board of Education/ Fujimi town / Fujimi Town Board of Education / Hara village / Hara village Board of Education / Hokuto city / Hokuto city Board of Education / AMBASSADE DE FRANCE AU JAPON/INSTITUT FRANÇAIS DU JAPON


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